Due to COVID-19, all consultations are done over Zoom or phone. I could also come to your house if possible. 

Sleep consultation

From my experience as a mom I know how stressful the nights with an infant or toddler can be. Sometimes it's not just the nights but also the days.

I work according to the concept of the Verein für ganzheitlichen Kinderschlaf (VGKS). This concept clearly rejects sleep training such as the crying out method and is based on a long-term and secure parent-child relationship. I do not give general recommendations or short-term solutions to change your situation. Rather, I look at the overall situation, take into account the needs of all family members and orient myself to the development of the child. My suggestions are based on nurturing your bond with your child. I derive several individual approaches from which you can choose the most appropriate one for you and your family to implement at home. 

My coachings are 

long-term focused and child-friendly: The focus of my sleep counseling is long-term sleep improvement for all family members. Personal exchange, parent-child groups and networking are very important to me.
Every sleep consultation adapts to the child's cognitive, emotional and motor development.

research-based and individual: All recommendations are rooted in years of research and the most current studies available. Every child’s sleeping situation is examined and considerate on an individual basis. Together we will consciously develop an approach that best fits your child’s and your family’s needs.

bonding and holistic: Every recommendation is formulated to support the establishment of a secure parent-child bond and a mutual relationship of trust.

The hourly fee for a sleep consultation is 66€. Most of the time it takes about 60-90 minutes to find solutions for you and your family. Sometimes there is another consultation after some time needed. Some private  insurances cover sleep consultations. 

Do you have any questions?

Please feel free to contact me any time via E-Mail or text or call me.  (+49 162 6925418)

I'm looking forward to your message. 

Doris Berghofer, BEd